How To Take Back Control Of Your Health And Your Body

Sometimes it can feel like you have lost all control of your life. Things happen in life, and you just have to deal with it. For example, work could get ridiculously busy; you end up having really late nights, getting takeaways for dinner, skipping lunch and having no time for the gym. When this happens you it's understandable that you'll feel tired, stuck in a rut and not sure how to take control back. But don't lose hope because you can gain control back, get your body back to peak fitness and increase your health and vitality, and it starts with small but conscious steps:

Image by Irina Logra
Image by Irina Logra

Make Good Food Choices
You have to eat and if you are finding it difficult to make time to food prep at the moment or you've got out of the habit, that's okay. Put some eggs in a pan to boil while you get ready in the morning and there you have a healthy breakfast that you can eat before you go out if you have time or one the move or when you get to work. For lunch, if you're going out to grab something, it doesn't have to be unhealthy these days. There are tonnes of quick and easy options now from restaurants, cafes and shops so check the labels, choose something with plenty of vegetables and have some fruit for after. If it seems cheaper and easier to go for the unhealthy options, then you know that you have to get up earlier or finish work earlier so that you have time to food prep again.

Take The Stairs

Little things make the difference and if you don't have time to go to the gym, then taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking fast everywhere you go and making sure you move around the office as much as you can.

Drink More Water

Just like eating, you have to drink so ditch the sodas and just drink water and herbal teas. If you struggle to remember to drink more water, buy yourself a nice bottle to keep your water cool and have it on your desk to remind you. If that's not enough, then get a water app to give you a little nudge to remind you to drink more. 

Make Sleep A Priority

Sleep is the thing which helps us recover; it helps with food decisions, helps us to think clearly, and helps our weight loss efforts too. Sleep manages our stress hormone cortisol, which, if left unattended, can affect your weight. No matter how busy you are at work or whatever else is going on in your life, sleep is the thing that is going to help you deal with it best.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

There are always going to be days where you slip up on your diet and give in to food temptations. There will be days where life gets in the way, and that is perfectly okay and normal, you're only human. Instead of feeling guilty though, and getting down on yourself, just remember that a slip up here and there with your fitness doesn't define you nor will it ruin all your progress.


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