Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The first thing that I took note of when opening the cat collars was how flaccid they were.  Normally, when I get a new cat collar, it is so rigid that the edges are actually somewhat sharp and a little uncomfortable to hold in the hand.

Collar 2However, these collars are not like that.  You can tell from the included photographs, that this is the case.  A collar that you are comfortable to hold in your hand makes you feel better about placing these around your cat's neck.  Soft.

The product manufacturer has an excellent eye for detail.  The black clasp is a cute cat face and the collars are adorned with paws.  Cute.  They have an attached bell.

For the money, this is an excellent buy.

And just for the record, the package includes 6 collars.  This is a very good thing.  I've reviewed and purchased a few of these and some had clasps so stiff that it was difficult to use them.  Some were just not right.  It's difficult to verbalize.  Both the other reviewer and I loved these.  In fact, that darling kitty face, just above this paragraph is one of her two cats.

Adorable!  Right?  Ye-ah.

Collar 1

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