10 Signs That You’re Ready For A Baby

Having a baby is certainly one of those life moments that will end up changing your life forever. Things will never be the same, but there are so many positives in having a child. But how do you know you’re ready for one? In a society where there seems to be no point, in particular, to have a child, here are ten signs to look out for.

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You're Ready To Make The Necessary Sacrifices

Having a baby does come with necessary sacrifices, and as an individual, you have to put your own needs aside to be able to cater to someone who will need looking after 24/7. That's something that doesn't stop until they're old enough to fly the nest, so that’s a big commitment, right? So the first thing you must ask yourself is where you are ready to stop being selfish. No matter what age you are, everyone likes to be able to treat themselves and to enjoy those things in life that bring them happiness and joy. It could be joining up to an expensive gym or eating out a few times a week. When you have a baby, neither of those may be available to you for the first few months. Date night might be a rarity, and the chance to be alone for five minutes might only be possible with the help of your partner or a family member.

Think about the sacrifices that you will need to make in order to have a baby. Of course, the sacrifices will certainly be worthwhile but you may not be ready to give those up yet, and that’s completely fine.

You Actually Feel Ready

Have you ever been asked or asked someone what it’s like to be in love or to find the one? The response you’ll often get back is ‘once you find them, you’ll know’ and although that’s not at all helpful when you’re looking for love, it makes sense. We should trust our bodies when something is giving you warning signs, and the same goes for that gut feeling when you know something could be successful. There's never a point where the time is right, but there is more of a certainty when you feel ready to have a baby. It starts when you have that natural urge to gravitate towards babies you see in day to day life. It's that pull in your heart that tells you you’re ready to add to your household. It's important though that your partner feels the same. They may not have that same viewpoint and could do with a little more time.

You Are Looking Forward To Change

We've already established that having a baby is going to bring with it some sacrifices, but we also can't deny how much it changes your life. And you have to be ready for that change and to actually be looking forward to it. Maybe there's a point in your life right now where you are moving forward with your partner and feel like it's the right time for a change to come about. Change in this regard is something to be excited about and something that is only going to add more to your life and the quality of your life than to take anything away.

It’s certainly worth doing some research into what you’ll need to change in your home and lifestyle to cater for a little one. There’s probably a lot you don’t know, so it’s worth doing your research.

The Household Finances Are Looking Healthy

It's unfair to bring a baby into this world where there's no love, but it can be even more harmful when you're not able to afford the costs of having a baby. Having a child is expensive, and for the first few years, you’ll need to have the income in order to provide not only for the child but for yourself and anyone else in your household. Of course, everything can be done on a budget, but if you don't have savings to begin with or a stable job, you could be causing a lot of unwanted stress and turbulency in a time that should all be focused on your new bundle of joy.

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Look at your current income and think about any costs that will need to be factored in as an estimate and what you are currently spending. See where cuts can be made to save yourself some money.

You've Started Looking After Your Body

Before you have a child, you want to make sure that you’re feeling your best and that your body is ready to hold a baby for nine months. It can have a life-changing effect on your body, and so if you’re not fit and healthy already, this could end up causing problems for you and your baby. There are a few tips that are worth noting down when it comes to getting your body prepped. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Keep your body weight maintained and at a healthy BMI. This can sometimes affect the rate of success of getting pregnant.
  • Take yourself off any contraception that you’re currently on and give your body a few months to adjust to the change in your body.
  • Start taking more vitamins and getting additional nutrients in your body.
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake, and if you smoke, look at quitting.
  • Exercise on a regular basis and focus on building up your cardio.

The Relationship With Your Partner Is Solid

Let’s admit it, not everything is perfect in life, and neither is any relationship. There’s always going to be bumps along the way, but it’s important to ensure that your relationship is as strong as it has ever been. Some couples may feel that having a child will fix the relationship, but this is simply not the case. Having a child with someone is all about having that equal partnership and being able to work off one another. It shouldn’t be just something that one half of the couple wants, and the other isn't that fussed. You both need to be ready to make this commitment, and there needs to be a lot of love in the relationship already.

You Have Love For Yourself

Loving yourself is important regardless of the situation, but it’s particularly needed for when you have a child. You want to instill as many positive life lessons as you can, and that includes learning to love yourself. If you haven’t done that already, how do you expect your child to do the same as they grow up? Mental health certainly has a stigma still attached to it, and the path to loving yourself can often be a long one. However, if you have started to at least give yourself the love and attention you deserve, then you are ready to teach that love to a child.

You’re Set On Baby Names With Your Partner

And finally, baby names are something that often come about when you’re ready to start trying for a baby. You may have had ideas of your own name for a baby from a young age, but it’s not until you solidify it with your partner, that it becomes real. If you’ve already got a boy and a girl's name, then you’re very much ahead of the game.

Being able to have a baby is a blessing, so it’s important to know that you’re not rushing into something that you are not yet ready for. Babies are for life, and that means you should have everything in order before you begin thinking about bringing another human into this world.

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You've Got More Love To Give

And on the topic of love, you want to have more love that you can give. If you’re already in a new relationship, then you want to be selfish and spend time with your partner. However, there does come a point in your life where you feel like you’ve got more love to give and that’s usually the point at which you’d get yourself a fur-baby to practice being a parent. Having a child is one of the most rewarding things that you’ll probably ever do and the love that you give and receive is unlike no other love you’ve experienced before. That child has been made by you after all!

You’re Mentally Prepared To Carry A Child

No one really talks about the mentality behind carrying a baby. The most you’ve probably had in movements around the tummy is to do with your bowel movements or the rumbling of your tummy when you’re hungry! Carrying a baby is a whole new level of weird, especially when it’s another human moving about in your stomach. And the best way to check whether you're ready for this is to simply ask yourself that question. Does the thought of carrying a child in your belly freak you out or scare you? If the answer’s no then you’re ready.


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