Recently, I ran across an app which allows one to watch YouTube and collect crypto for it.  After downloading it, the first item that crossed my mind was, "how to get paid?"  I fired off an email and within a 12-hour time period, a response came;

Once you have collected 50,000 credits in the app, you can request a payout...

Ugh!  50,000???  That's a long time for most people.  I deleted the app upon having read this.  Yuck!

I was impressed with the response and it came pretty quickly, considering that the norm can make you wait for a week.

The email was pretty complete.  It also included an etherscan list of previous payments to users.

...Mixing TV and crypto may seem a crazy idea...
Brian Condenanza

I like the concept of crypto and TV.  Or, crypto and a roast beef sandwich.  Seriously, crypto needs to become invaluable and it's not there yet, in a way.

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