Five Beauty Treatments You Need To Try

There are so many different beauty procedures nowadays that can help relieve body pain, help give you a confidence boost or to just allow for some much-needed pampering. Here are five beauty treatments you need to try if you haven’t already done so.

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One of the beauty and healthcare treatments that have been around for a while now is acupuncture. Acupuncture works by inserting hair-thin needles into the very surface of the skin to help with the rebalance of the body, providing relaxation and stimulates healing. With this type of treatment, you can get it on most areas of the body. So if you’re looking for something to help with body pain or just want to renew your body’s energy, acupuncture is for you.


Our eyebrows are a defining feature on our face and whether we’ve over plucked them too much or our natural hair color is too light to see a defined brow, microblading is definitely a game-changer. Microblading is a semi-permanent ink that is tattooed into the brow area to create fuller or more prominent brows. The great thing is that it’s only a temporary thing, so if it doesn’t happen to be something you loved, then it wouldn’t last forever.

Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is something we all have, and a lot of us spend a lot of time, effort and money to shave areas like the underarm, legs and other areas. However, laser hair removal has risen in the beauty ranks over the last couple of years due to its a relatively painless process and the fact that it’s something you can get done during your lunch break at work! The procedures are expensive, but once you’ve had a set amount, the hair will never come back unless there’s a shift in your hormone levels. So think about all the money you’d probably save on razors and shaving cream.

Eyelash Lift

For those who love a more natural look to their makeup routine, why not try the eyelash lifts that are popular at the moment? These are great for brides to be who want to avoid panda eyes and these eyelash lifts mean that you won’t need to wear mascara. Again, these eyelash lifts are temporary and will last for around six to eight weeks. So it’s certainly a nice treat to give yourself every so often.


With your skin being the largest organ, it sits on the outside and so is open to the elements. From dirt and debris to any makeup or skincare products you use, it’s good to give your skin that little boost every now and then with a facial. Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to help remove dead skin cells and to rejuvenate your skin to leave it fresh and glowing. This procedure is also very much painless so worth a try if you’ve not done so before.

The beauty industry is certainly changing, and who knows what beauty treatments will pop up in the next five years?


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