5 Alternatives To A Loan

Borrowing money isn’t the only way to access funds in an emergency. Here are a few alternatives to a loan when you need money fast and don’t want to pay interest charges.

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Sell your clutter Many of us have unwanted possessions in our home that could be sold for cash. This can be a great way to make money fast. Selling used items online has become popular and there are plenty of sites where you connect to buyers locally or from around the world (selling locally can save you money on postage). If you don’t trust selling on the web, there are also plenty of ways to sell your stuff in person such as second-hand stores, flea markets or even hosting your own yard sale. 

Take on small jobs online 

There may be small jobs that you can take up online that pay quickly. There may be skills that you can lend such as CV writing, graphic design, video editing or web design. There could also be jobs that require no skills such as answering surveys or reviewing products, however, these jobs aren’t always as well-paid. It’s worth trying a variety of sites to find such work as you may be able to earn more for a specific job through specific platforms. 

Consider legal compensation 

In some situations, you may be liable for legal compensation. If you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s wrongdoing it’s possible that you may be able to make a personal injury claim with the help of a personal injury attorney. This could be a great way of funding medical costs if you’ve been in an accident. It’s worth hiring an attorney to help argue your case so that you’re more likely to get the compensation you deserve.

Access your 401(k)

It’s possible to withdraw money from your pension pot before retiring. This could be a way of accessing a lot of money that is technically yours – however, you may have to pay a hefty charge for doing so, which you may feel is worse than taking out a loan. Anyone over the age of 60 can generally withdraw money from their 401(k) without charges.

Consider an equity release

If you own property, you may be able to gain access to funds through an equity release. Most properties accumulate value over time (especially if improvements have been made to your home since living there). You can access this added value at any time and only have to pay it back if you sell up or die. Equity releases can sometimes offer people access to huge amounts of money, particularly if you’ve owned your property for a long time or made lots of improvements. Some people use this money for traveling or even funding their retirement.


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