Why I am Hodling Ripple (XRP)

There are three characteristics that have to present in order that a crypto can be successful.  It must be;
  • 1.  Decentralized
  • 2.  Sustainable
  • 3.  Independent

There are other characteristics that are helpful.  However, these three offer a sturdy foundation.  Solid.
Bitcoin came to prominence because it was the first decentralized cryptocurrency to work.
Steven Ehrlich @ Forbes

The next item is the fact that Ripple has been in the media a lot during the past few months.  Traditional media?  Don't know.  Don't watch it.

YouTube is rife with Ripple videos, as Twitter is with Tweets as are online cryptocurrency publications with posts and articles.  Just this fact alone is worthy of note.  This also leads to the final logic set as for the hodling.
The reasons why this second-generation cryptocurrency are that it has been added to the Nasdaq exchange.  This caused a 5% rise (within a 24-hour time period).  That article is here.

Inc named Ripple one of the Best places to work.  This keeps Ripple in the front.  It also provides for more news articles.

Despite some obvious ambivalence amongst crypto enthusiast's and professionals, there are many articles proclaiming a price rise.  Some of these are massive hypothetical's.  This article proposed a possible rise to $0.5.  Not much.  But, if you bought it for half of that, you'd be pleased to sell.

In support of Ripple, there's a lot more area that could have been covered.  Its very purpose.  Its probably banks of the world adoption.  Its historical notations.

Maybe, all of this just minutia?  What do you think?  Are you hodling?

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