HemoTreat Hemorrhoid Suppositories

HemoTreat is listed with DIY Remedies, as one of the, "Top 10 Best Creams for hemorrhoid(s)"***.

This makes sense as this FDA approved product is an excellent one.  The capsule is soft enough for insertion.  But, it doesn't melt in your hand unless you hold it forever, while lounging under a blistering sun with a magnifying glass in your hand.

HTHere is a list of ingredients, so that you may scope it out ahead of buying time as a possible precursor to allergies.  These are well-packaged and ready for use.  However, we offer one caveat.  The text on the back of the box is very small.  You might need that aforementioned magnifying glass to read it.  This is our only complaint.

Finally, a guarantee is offered should you find that it is needed.

HemoTreat can be ordered online from this link.

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