This is 40 (2012) Quotes

Barry: God, I can't wait to meet my second wife. I hope she likes me better than this one.

Debbie: Ah, I feel bad.  I love them.

Debbie: Don't fart in the bed.

Debbie: Have you ever thought about killing me?

Debbie: I do not want to investigate your anus.

Debbie: I don't want to make this about a fight.

Debbie: I'm not going through menopause.

Debbie: It looks passionate to me.

Debbie: ...looks like you put your Justin Bieber wig on backwards...

Debbie: No stressing over tiny things.

Debbie: Okay, no more holding on to resentments. We have to just let that go.

Debbie: Since I had kids, my boobs are just gone.  They didn't even say, "Goodbye," you know?  They just left. 

Debbie: So, let's just choose to be happy.

Debbie: The happiest period in peoples lives is from age 40 to 60.  So, this is it.  We're in it, right now.  It's true.

This is 40 (2012) QuotesDebbie: We have everything we need right now to be completely happy.

Debbie: We need to work on our anger.

Debbie: Well, I don't do that.  So, I'll continue not to do that.

Debbie: We're going to blink and be 90.

Desi: By the time I'm 40, these are going to go National Geographic on me.

Jason: What's the difference between a straight mustache and a gay mustache? The smell.

Larry: How do you call Ebay?!

Melissa: ...and I'm glad your husband died...

Pete: I started a record label because I could not get a job...

Pete: I've been flushing as I go.

Pete: I have a life.  I have a family.

Pete: I have everything to lose.

Debbie: It's a hemorrhoid.
Pete: Thank you.  Now.  Erase that from your memory.

Desi: Do you wanna touch 'em?
Debbie: Really?
Desi: Touch 'em.
Debbie: Okay.

Pete: You know what?  I won't murder you.
Debbie: Ahhh.  I love you.
Pete: I love you too.

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