Small Ways We Can Build A Cleaner Planet

Our planet is a stunning place, and it is also incredibly vulnerable at this time in its life. One the years as we have developed as a species we have done things which damage the planet and this has resulted in a struggle against global warming and waste in our oceans. Today we are taking a look at some of the small things you can do every single day to make a positive impact on the planet and save it for our future generations.
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Bring a bag

In our every day lives there are many things we can do to make a good impact on the planet, and one of those things us to bring a bag with you when you go for your weekly shopping trip. A shopping bag for life can make a whole lot of difference to you when you are shopping for groceries every week and it will allow you to use less plastic waste.

Reusable water bottle

One of the most common items which is thrown away every day is plastic water bottles. We often but water from the shops to drink when out and about and this means that we end up using a lot of plastic waste which goes into our landfills and oceans. Instead of buying water why not invest in a water bottle you can use again and again? A water bottle will save you a lot of messing around and it will also save you money.

Bring your own reusable cup

If you buy a coffee most days from your local cafe, you’ll know that you use up a lot of plastic cups each and every week. These cups contain plastic waste which is not good for our planet and the more we use, the more are produced. To prevent contributing to this, buy yourself a reusable coffee cup and bring this with you when you head to the cafe. A lot to coffee shops will even offer a small discount if you have your own mug.

Avoid micro-beads

A lot of the products we buy for our skin care such as exfoliator will contain micro-beads. These little beads are made of a polymer and they won’t decompose when they are washed away. Over time fish can swallow a lot of these head and it can do a lot of harm to them. Keeping water clean is super important as you can read on USC Price and you need to try and avoid products which contain these beads.

Shop in bulk

Instead of buying small amounts of product every time you do your shopping, it can actually be better for you to buy a large quantity of product at once so that you can save the extra fuel to take you to the store. You’ll also notice that overall there is less packaging in bulk packs of items meaning that you won’t have to worry about too much plastic waste.

When it comes to keeping the planet happy and safe it is so important for you to learn to recycle your items in the right place. There are a lot of different rules for recycling depending on where you live so always read your local area policy before you start. You can also consider looking at the back of your plastic bottles because there are multiple types of plastic which are used in manufacturing and not all of them can be recycled. Be mindful when you come to recycle your products and make sure that they are going to the right place.

Whenever you have some food waste or garden waste to get rid of, the best thing you can do with it is put it into the compost bin in your garden. A compost bin can be a huge asset to any home because not only can you create compost for your flower beds, but you will also be able to eat rid of most of your waste and recycle it back into the garden. If you have any documents such as bank statements or important letters to get rid of, put these into the compost bin too and they will biodegrade over time leaving you with no risk of these letters being found and used.

Turn off the lights

If you aren’t in a room, don’t leave the light on. We all know that energy is sourced largely from fossil fuels and this type of energy can be dangerous for the planet because it uses up essential resources. Make sure you are mindful in the home and use as little energy as you can.


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