National Drink Wine Day, February 18, 2019

Today is celebrated within the span of the United States.  Drink within moderation and take care of your heart.  Share with loving friends and take care of your heart.
2017 Hampton Water Rose'

  • (1) 2017 Hampton Water Rose' SRP $25.00
  • (1) Maddalena Riesling SRP $14.95
  • (1) Sweet Wine Club Box SRP $49.99

2017 Hampton Water Rose'

This is a light, yet rich surprise.  We want a sweet rose'.  Perhaps, even a bit sour.  But, the employed grapes are Cinsault, Grenache and Mourve'dre.  We expected a little bitter and were gratefully shocked.  Very smooth.  Slightly sweet.

Available here.

Maddalena Riesling

On the norm, we do not care for the Riesling.  However, we really could not get enough of this one.  The inspiration for this Riesling comes from two Italian immigrants, Maddalena & Stefano Riboli.  Their love began the first time that he spotted her.  He was perched atop of a tractor and California.  What followed has been a constant labor of love.

Available here.

Sweet Wine Club Box

Sweet Wine Club BoxWe were able to try around seven bottles this past year (and this year) from the Sweet Wine Club and really liked them all.  Stella Rosa is an incredible brand anyway.  Offer up some of that, some of the Riboli Family offerings, La Quinta and San Antonio Winery Specialties and you are really good to go.

Last month, we tried a bottle of the Mango wine.  Granted, this lightly fruity nose is more of a Summer wine.  It is.  But, we did not care then and we do not care now.

Please, bring a bottle if we are having dinner.

Available here.

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