Allagash: Curieux Ale

Perhaps, smooth is not an adjective used to describe beer.  True or not, Allagash Curieux Ale Aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels is smooth, just like the vocal stylings of R&B songstress Anita Baker.  It's bottled like a hard core spirit.  So, we check the nose and do not notice anything remarkable.

We do a slow sip, so that we may report our findings.  We notice nothing.

Then, we swallow.
Allagash: Curieux Ale
"Ooohh!  Nutty.  Nice."  We say out loud to a cat who ignores us, as usual.

Allagash Curieux Ale is really good.

You may try Curieux for yourself and if you do, you will find it here for $18.99 (750 ML)
Aged in Bourbon barrels bringing out excellent aromas and some delicious flavors! Most notably, the beer picks up soft coconut and vanilla characteristics...and also a hint of bourbon flavor! ABV: 11.00%**
**The Wine Stop
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