The Hate U Give (2018)

This is one of the best films that you will watch in your life.  It is based upon the novel of a same name.  Our protagonist Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) watches two of her best friends getting shot.  She has been trained by her father Mav Carter (Russell Hornsby) from a very young age, to behave a certain way, upon having been stopped by a police officer.

The stop occurs while Starr is with childhood friend Khalil (Algee Smith), who isn't listening to Starr and is behaving somewhat stupidly.  His biggest mistake is to be standing outside of his vehicle and reaching into the car for what the attending police officer believes is a gun.

Pivotal moment.

The Hate U Give title is derived from Tupac Shakur's T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. ideology.

The entire point of the movie (for the most part) is to proffer insight into the lives of very different groups of people and how we exist within those groups.  It does that.  And more.


The Hate U Give (2018)Directed by: George Tillman Jr.

Produced by: Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Robert Teitel, George Tillman Jr.

Written by: Angie Thomas, Audrey Wells

Starring: KJ Apa, Sabrina Carpenter, Regina Hall, Lamar Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Issa Rae, Algee Smith, Amandla Stenberg

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: October 5, 2018 (US)

Taglines:  Two worlds, one voice, no going back

Run Time: 2 Hours, 13 Minutes

Box Office: 32.1 million USD

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