Symptoms Women Should Never Neglect

Women tend to take care of their friends and family and ignore their own health problems. It is too easy to leave things for another time, but that can have fatal results. Below are just a few of the health symptoms that women should never ignore, as properly treated soon enough they can be dealt with before they turn into something much worse.

Image via silviarita
Image via silviarita
Excessive Fatigue

Some women spend most of their lives tired, but if this is new for you, getting checked out is crucial. It could be a symptom of depression, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease or lung cancer. There are also some hormone problems that can create constant tiredness and these are easily treated if you visit your physician.

Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding is a very common symptom of hemorrhoids but unfortunately, it can also be the sign of colon or rectal cancer. Both of these cancers are curable if they are caught early enough; so do not delay if you start to suffer from rectal bleeding.

Abdominal Pains, Bloating And Changes To Bowel Habits

These can be symptoms of something serious such as colon cancer or ovarian cancer. If you have these ovarian cancer symptoms Inspire has a support community, which may be able to help you to learn more about the condition. These symptoms could also be related to inflammatory bowel syndrome or diverticulitis.  Neither of these is as bad as the cancers, but you need to find out which it is so that you can be treated correctly.

Chest Pains

Chest pains tend to be less severe in women so they do not always realize they have a problem. Often they think it is something as simple as wind that has got trapped, but if you suffer any discomfort in your chest you should seek medical help immediately.

It could be the first signs of a heart attack or angina, and these need treating with haste if you are to recover.

Breast Lumps

Lumps in the breast can be a sign of numerous health conditions including breast cancer and you should get them checked out straight away. If they are cancerous they tend to feel a bit like stones in your breast and are fairly easy to detect. You should check yourself at least once a month and if anything does not feel right, do not hesitate in seeing your physician.

Breast cancer is one that can be successfully treated if it is found early enough.

Women’s Health

We all know that women and men are built differently and this means that women have health problems sometimes that men will not get. Your health is as unique as you, and everyone’s body will react in different ways to a medical condition. Some of the symptoms are the same for all women though, and if you see any changes in your body that you have not made happen, such as losing weight, you need to get an appointment with your physician as soon as you can in case it is the start of something serious.


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