Minikiki Oil Pastels in 36 Colors

Even though this product is marketed with children in mind, I gave these to an artist as they seem to be a better fit there.  I was right.  She loved them.
 Minikiki Oil Pastels in 36 Colors

She works free-handed and loved what she was able to do with them.  Long, sweeping strokes are easy to do.  Short, bits of almost-pointillism were outstanding. 

No matter what she did with them, she loved working with this medium.

Originally, I had asked her to use them in a coloring book and we were impressed.  But, the crayons feel more artistic than that.  We agreed.
Minikiki Oil Pastels in 36 Colors
Either way, have fun.  She used paper.  But, surely there are other ways to use them?  They're washable.  Hence, almost any medium should be just fine.

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