Miles (2017)

Miles (Tim Boardman) Walton is a high school senior, existing in a small town and like most teens who are stuck in Podunk, he doesn't want to become stuck in his home town.  Hence, he joins the volleyball team, as he excels here and is hopeful of a scholarship to Loyola.

The team is for girls.
Early on in the film, Mile's father, Ron (Stephen Root) dies.  This is when his wife Pam (Molly Shannon) discovers that the family has no money.  What money they did have was used for an affair, robbing young Miles of an education.

The town gets into an uproar, what with their small-minded agendas.

This is a slow-tempo flick.  But, worth the see.  Per, us.


Directed by: Nathan Adloff

Produced by: Lisa Black, Ash Christian, Anne Clements, Stephen Israel, Devon Schneider

Written by: Nathan Adloff, Justin D.M. Palmer

Starring: Tim Boardman, Ethan Phillips, Missi Pyle, Stephen Root, Paul Reiser, Molly Shannon

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport

Not Rated

Release date: June 9, 2017 (US)

Tagline: Inspired by a true story

Running Time: 90 Minutes

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