I am Michael (2015)

This is an older flick for which we have only just viewed and this true story protagonist Michael Glatze (James Franco) is a very confused human.  His story begins with the love relationship with partner Bennett (Zachary Quinto).  When Michael's mother passes away, he begins contemplating life and the afterlife.

This is when he is exposed to Buddhism and Mormonism.  All of this leads to an ex-gay status upon entering Christian Bible school for pastor training.  He actually falls in love with Rebekah (Emma Roberts) and marries her.  Together, they accept a pastor-ship in a church and this is where the story ends.

The last scene entails a somewhat panic-stricken pastor, standing at the head of the church, as wife looks on and attendees fill the sanctuary. It's this panic that makes us wonder if he will change his mind on sexuality again, as there was a panic attack involved with the life-changing epiphany that God might not accept homosexual's into Heaven.

We seriously could have done without the love scenes.  Still.  It's a good watch.

I amDirected by: Justin Kelly

Produced by: Rabbit Bandini Productions

Written by: Justin Kelly, Stacey Miller

Starring: James Franco, Zachary Quinto, Emma Roberts

Genre: Biography, Drama, LGBT, Romance

Not Rated

Release date: January 29, 2015 (US)

Run Time: 98 Minutes

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