Had Enough Of Snoring? Try This

Although snoring might seem innocuous (after all, it’s the butt of many jokes), it can damage relationships, affect your sleep, and be a sign of more significant underlying health issues. Snoring, though common, is not something to be taken lightly.

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Snoring can progress into more severe conditions, like sleep apnea, you can learn more about here. But what can you do to minimize or even get rid of your snoring altogether? Let’s take a look.

Lose Weight

Snoring happens when air passing through your lungs doesn’t quite have enough space to get in and out without causing flapping and vibration of the airways. Although some people have narrower airways than others, snoring is often the result of fat around the airways causing them to collapse under the weight. Obese and overweight people have more fat around their internal airways and are much more likely to suffer from snoring and other, more severe breathing complications during sleep.

Many people, however, find that their snoring goes away when they lose weight, especially visceral fat (which is fat around their internal organs). Losing weight is tough, but people who successfully do so over the long term make sustainable lifestyle changes, such as getting into a habit of eating whole grain oatmeal in the morning.

Stop Drinking Before Bed

Alcohol can affect sleep for many reasons, but one of the lesser-known effects of drinking is that it relaxes the airways - the more relaxed the airways during sleep, the louder and more violent the snoring.

Get An Anti-Snore Pillow

Regular pillows are designed for comfort but are not intended to keep the airways open during sleep. Anti-snore pillows, however, put the head in a position that improves the chances of airways remaining open. These pillows align the jaw, neck, and throat to allow the passage of air in and out of the lungs unimpeded.

Do Tongue And Throat Exercises

Can’t shift the weight or already skinny? Then you might want to try special tongue and throat exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the walls of your airway and prevent the tongue from getting in the way at the back of the mouth during sleep. Take a look at some of the exercises you could try here.

Try A Round Of Aromatherapy

There’s a reason popular lozenge brands use herbs like mint and menthol: because they help to open up the airways. Aromatherapy, therefore, can help breathing at night. Not only do things like rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus smell nice, but they can also help to open up the nasal passageways.

Are you still struggling to get your snoring under control? Try breathing in hot steam for several nights before bed to see if it makes a difference.

Buy A HEPA Filter

Your snoring might not be the result of being overweight: it could just be the result of an allergy. Allergies cause the airways to constrict, which could result in breathing difficulties at night.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, try installing a HEPA filter that can remove allergenic particles from the air.


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