Coingapp Cyptocurrency App

Coingapp is an app which will display current (within 10 seconds, per your filter) crypto arbitrage opportunities.  It is available for both iPhone and Android.  We've been using it for a few days now and am ready to share our findings. 


  • Displays arbitrage opps within a tidy display
  • Filters can be applied for exchanges, currency pairs and disabled transactions
  • Has auto refresh
  • Has a contact and support e-mail address


  • At least once a day, you will open the app and the screen will be blank 
  • The filters don't work @ 100%
  • Of the exchanges used, some have bad reputations

The first two of the listed maladies are not a big deal.  Not at all.  They are simply worthy of mention.

However, that last one is a big annoyance.  If you want to use the app, do.  But, do your homework.  Arbitrage is risky enough with the extra hassle of depending upon an exchange service which will only keep your currency.

Vital Links:

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