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Well, people, my personal interests have swung around to cryptocurrency.  I have learned a lot during this portion of my journey.  One thing that I have learned, as has been told me, is that bitcoin doubler's do not work.

Crypto investment sites are a different endeavor. is a doubler site which will accept any amount of bitcoin (btc) or ethereum
(eth) and return your investment with a 200% return.


The other day (Tuesday), I deposited 0.00023062 from @ 7:10 into the doubler.  But, your deposit is supposed to show up on the home page.  It never did.  I waited until the next day (Wednesday) and tried to contact them.


I tried using the browser form and instantly received this message;

"Unknown error!"

I got this upon subsequent tries too.

Hence, I went to email and got this in return;


Notice that their site is held on a free host.  Nice.  Take and take and take.
Beware cryptoenthusiast's.  There are those out there who have nothing better to do with their time, than to take your pennies!  Yikes.  I'd send them a copy of this review.  I would.  But, where would I send it?

Vital Link:


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