National Champagne Day (December 31, 2018): What we Will be Having

What's in a name? For champagne, it’s the expectation of excellence and at the very least, bubbles.*

However, for champagne to be champagne, it has to made in France, using grapes which are foraged from the Champagne province. For some reason, it's just unreasonable to try go get such a thing from wine companies.  That's just fine with us.  We prefer what we are able to get, with some modicum of
sanity - intact.

Hence, we suggest our own concept of champagne.  The bubbly wines.  We prefer those to other alcoholic forms, eating and skipping rope.  Well, we hate that last one. 

But, we digress.

F+DHere are our recommendations.

Fathers+Daughters Cellars

Fathers+Daughters Cellars is a multi-generational endeavor, which opts to focus on the father-daughter relationship.  And of course, the product.  All perused media backs up their agenda.  So well-done.  Like the product.


(2) 750ml Sarah's Rustic Bubbles (Pét Nat), 2017 SRP $21.00

Sarah's Rustic Bubbles (Pét Nat)

This has a really nice acidity to it.  Like, lemon.  Very nice.  It has an overall cider affect. 

It's also interesting just to look at the bottle, as there are visible particles, which have deposited towards the neck of the bottle and some on the bottom.  But, don't take them for granted.  If you give that bottle a good shaking, it's going to make a mess upon opening. 

Why had we not considered that before the shaking?

Nevertheless, this is a unique product which we enjoyed having.

Stella Rosa Wines

SR ProOur family has always stayed at the forefront of the wine industry, continually looking for innovative and creative ways to better serve our customers for years to come.
– Steve Riboli, Vice President, 3rd generation family member

(1) 750ml Rose II Conte SRP $9.99
(1) 750ml Rosso Lux SRP $19.99
(1) 750ml Imperiale Prosecco DOC $12.99 

Imperiale Prosecco DOC

As usual for a divine prosecco, the Stella Rosa brand is crisp, vibrant and has an awesome aftertaste.  Wonderful, in fact.  Wonderful.

SR RoseRose II Conte

The Rose is a real subtle and effervescent joy.  We sat outside to review the Stella Rosa Wines and were somewhat bombarded by bees and yellow jackets.  Yikes!  But, then, we noticed that they were obsessed with the empty bottles. 

Armed with only an Apple iPhone, we captured the little guys tracing the perimeter of a cork on one bottle, the rim of a cup and the inside of another bottle.  We were sitting so close to them.  Watching them work. 

Finally, we were able to fetch the phone and snap them.  Where IS our Nikon when we need it the most?

SR RLRosso Lux

The Rosso Lux is a semi-sweet, sparkling red blend.  The hue is a beautiful red.  The nose is an indiscernible fruit.  The palate is smooth, start to finish.  Perfect for sharing.

You will locate your next Stella Rosa from this link here.

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