It's a Foodie Christmas, 2018

There is a literal plethora of cooking shows which have made their way to our media centers.  Hell's Kitchen, Mystery Dinners and Chopped are still keeping us hyped.  We might not have considered it much if we didn't have two actual foodies for reviewers.  They are so much fun!

Bacon Freak

Bacon Freak has been doing business since 2008.  What blows us away is home many products are sold under one outfit!  Currently, Bacon Freak is listed with the BBB in Moorpark, California and has an A+ rating. 

They are super awesome to deal with too.


BFHog Heaven Happy Holi-Daze Package:  $59.99

  • (1) 8 Oz Package of Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws SRP $9.99 
  • (1) 6-Count Package of Bacon Candy Canes SRP $3.95 
  • (1) 16 Oz Boss Hog's Bacon BBQ Sauce SRP $5.69 
  • (1) 8 Oz Boss Hog Maple Bacon Coffee SRP $12.99 
  • (1) 14 Oz Boss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon SRP $15.99  
  • (1) 16 Oz Mountain Smokehouse Breakfast Sausage Patties with Bacon SEP $9.99 

Package of Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws 

This product is a bready treat.  Cheese and bacon meld beautifully.  This is definitely something different to try.

Package of Bacon Candy Canes

This product is just a fun idea.  We took them into an office full of people and handed them out. Then, we sat back and laughed like hyena's. 

Meat and candy do not go together.  We are sorry, bacon Freak!  They simply do not.  They are however, a lot of fun.

Boss Hog's Bacon BBQ Sauce

We like this because it tastes like bacon.  Duh.  Also, we like the fact that it doesn't contain onions!  Barf.  It has onion powder, which works beautifully for us.  It also works beautifully for your burgers and steaks.  Just sayin'.

Boss Hog Maple Bacon Coffee

Not as weird as you'd think that it would be.  It's like taking a bacon bite.  Then, sippin' your morning joe.

Boss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon 

In a word, outstanding!

Mountain Smokehouse Breakfast Sausage Patties with Bacon 

You will not find this on an IHOP menu.  That's fine.  Just order it up from Bacon Freak.  Then, cook it.  Yes.

You may secure your Bacon Freak items from the website itself.

Cosmos Creations

What began at the hands of culinary artisan in 2004, has grown into online and physical venues surrounding us all.  Cosmos Creations (CC) was once Cosmos Caramel Corn.  Now, the company has changed hands twice and continues to thrive.  Their products are as inviting as they are unique.


  • (3) 6.5 Oz Bag of Salted Caramel Premium Puffed Corn SRP $
  • (3) 6 Oz Bag of Welch's Multigrain Fruit Puffs SRP $

Bag of Salted Caramel Premium Puffed Corn

Once upon a time ago, in a school district set right here, we tried the products of CC and absolutely loved them.  These particular products are no different.  They are however, unique in many ways.  Including flavors.

In fact, we tried to describe the aroma of this particular product and have not been able to do so, excepting slightly salty and a lot of caramel.  Normally, we are not down with caramel.  It's not that we hate it right off of the edge of the plate. 

It's not like that.

We just don't love it.  Well, we didn't, until CC came out with this one.  You will be licking your lips and your fingertips.  Please, do so at your discretion.

Bag of Welch's Multigrain Fruit Puffs

These look like fun Cheeto's and they crunch.  Our reviewers loved these!

You may buy CC products from their website.

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Slim Chillers

The mere concept of Slim Chillers took almost an entire year from an idea to a physical product.  It had to taste great, even to purist's.  It had to have lesser calories than their mixed-by-hand cohorts.  They had to have the best ingredients.


  • (1) Container of 12 Mixed Flavor Chillers 

Appletini Skinny Freezers
SCVery much like a Sour Apple Jolly Rancher.  Smells the same.  Awesomely sour.  Delightfully tangy.  Like a Granny Smith apple.

Cosmopolitan Skinny Freezers
Red rose in color.  Sweet.  Tangy  A little, orange kick at the end.  Like drinking a slushy.

Lemon Drop Skinny Freezers
Aghh!  These are good for a wonderful pucker of sweet acid!  They are lime green in blue and provide excellent photo opps for your buddies.

Watermelon Lemonade
Our favorite by far, it smells of Jolly Ranchers, is pink lemonade in color and sweet.  Tangy!  Incredible.

You will find your next Slim Chiller at this juncture

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Spice Madam 

SMSpice Madam offers a monthly subscription box for the avid foodie.  Each month delivers a different country.  Included for your dollar are the spices, recipes, a shopping list and some information about the selected geographical interest. 

1 Monthly Subscription Box:

  • (4) Recipe Cards With Color Image of Dish on Opposite Side
  • (1) Card Describing Involved Spices
  • (1) Card With a Shopping List and Cooking Guide
  • (1) Welcome to Armenia Card
  • (3) Plastic Bags of Spices:
  • Allspice
  • Armenian Spice Blend
  • Lahmajoun Spice Blend

SpicesThis is a really neat box.  You are free to try foods for which you had been previously curious about.  Your recipes and shopping list are provided.  You have to buy everything but the spices to make a dish.

However, buying spices can be an exercise in extreme frustration.  There are normally 10-million brands of onion powder and not much else, it seems. 

Don't be curious anymore.  Try a box.  Enrich your horizons.

You will find your next box of goodies from this subscription link.  They also have gift subscriptions.  Perfect, huh?  Yeah.

Spice Madam has gone one step further, to offer Ginae Reviews readers an additional
$10.00 off of your first box (including gift boxes).  Just use GINAE10.

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Stemple Creek Ranch

The ranch and beef operation at Stemple Creek Ranch is certified by the Global Animal Partnership and the Marin Organic Certified Agriculture.  This ensures a dedication for animal welfare and to ethical husbandry practices.  They are also a fastidiously quality-conscious venture. 

Stemple Creek is also dedicated to the environment.  To this end, they are currently participating in a ten-year study (one of only three businesses to do so) with the Marin County Carbon Project. 

Family and business roots extend to 1897, when Italian Patriarch Angelo "Pa Nono"
Poncia immigrated to the Marin County area of California. 

Stemple Creek (SC) is also an excellent venue for weddings.  Feel free to read online about this, should you be interested.  There are plenty of amenities which are include with your rental.


We tried all of these one night.  There were three reviewers and not a complaint amongst us.  The products are tender, have excellent taste and are huge! 

Grass fed products do have a slightly different taste.  It is not one that we are accustomed to, as of yet.  It doesn't matter.  Pour your A1 on the side. Fix up some vegetables and there you go! 

Granted, you don't need AI for any of SC products.  It's just that we prefer them on any meat type.  Delicious on SC hamburgers too!

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