Managing Your Family’s Health Without the Stress

Getting your family through the winter months with no illnesses need not be too difficult if you follow a few simple steps. You need to do this without letting yourself get stressed though, or they will all be well and you could be laid low with one of the common winter conditions.

Keep Them Well

The prevention of winter illnesses should start at home. Make sure your family has healthy and nourishing meals, that they are kept warm and dry and that they wash their hands often to help prevent the spread of germs. Knowing that they are all doing what that should be and that you are keeping them well fed and warm will make the winter months a less stressful time for you.

It is also a good idea to keep some anti-bacterial wipes in your bag if you have to go out. Then you will always have some way to clean hands when you do not have access to soap and water.

Physician Time

If a family member becomes unwell, particularly if they are very young or elderly, you should take them to see your physician as soon as you can.  They will be able to ensure that the problem is nothing more serious than a cold or flues, and with in office prescription dispensing, you could be getting them back to the warm of your home very quickly. Make sure the fire is roaring!

Just try to keep everyone else away from the family member that has developed a winter condition, as they tend to spread very easily and before you know it the whole family could be unwell.

Plenty Of Fluids

It is important that everyone stays well hydrated in the fight against cold, coughs and flu. Turning the heating on high to keep you all warm will dry the air and your skin and body will suffer. Drinking plenty can help to prevent this from happening. Try to avoid alcohol as that can make the problem worse, but warm fruit juices or fruit teas could be ideal.

Of course, water is the best thing, but you may not want a cold during at the height of winter. If your children are not too keen on the juices or teas you have, let them have some sugar free squash. Just make sure they are drinking plenty as well.

Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

Adults should have at least eight hours sleep a night in the winter and children
should have even longer. Your body repairs itself when you are asleep and this is when it will fight any germs. A lack of slumber can create all sorts of problems for all the family and it really is important that you all get enough sleep.

Thankfully, the season of winter is generally shorter than the other season and the problems of the winter illnesses usually disappear with it at springtime. You need to keep your family well for these few months though, and then when the seasons change, fighting off the illnesses becomes easier again.


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