Central Diamond Center

Central Diamond Center is located in Richardson, Texas and has been in business for twenty-nine years.  They are listed with the BBB for this location and have had 0 reviews thus far.  Enter Ginae Reviews.

Recently, we ordered a Mother's Ring from Walmart.  We've wanted to get one for years and finally just did it.  We looked everywhere for something dainty, within a $200-300.00 price range, that would accommodate four stones.

We found it!

We ordered it through the Walmart website and immediately zapped over an email to the vendor explaining how many stones we wanted, in what order and of what month.  We also selected the 10k gold finish, in a size 8.

RingThe stones are fake.  But, they are beautiful.  The ring is dainty.  Its cost was around $190.00.

However, the stone had 5 surrounding stones for the month of December (diamond).  We didn't want this.  The instructions on the sales page state (in two places) state that the buyer is able to customize this.  We did this.

It also states in the name listing for this item that the ring has, .."1 to 9 Swarovski Simulated Birthstones."  See?  It's right there in the title.  Not cryptic.

Hence, we phoned the listed number in the return email (the one that we sent off, requesting specifications).  Three times, we requested a manager and were told that this person was the manager.  But, she did not agree that the ring shouldn't have 9 stones and stated that this would not be corrected.

The manager added that if, "...(we didn't) like the ring, then, (we) should just return it." 


And, here it is, the worst review that we've ever posted.  What we do not get is the fact that the company has been in business for such a long time and has no reviews on the BBB site.  Weird.


(1) "Nana" Family Jewelry Mother's Ring "U" Band Design
(1) Small Gift Bag

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