Show us Your Cans, 2018

If you have been out on the 'Net lately, you've notice a literal boat-load of, "Alcohol in Cans," articles.  It appears that this trend is present, to be dealt with, to grow and to evolve.  We thought about it and decided to do one of our own.

The following companies showed us their cans and we share them now, with you.

art+farm wine

2018art+farm began and exists as a love story between a University of California alumnus (Kat) and a man from down under (Rob).  They began their entrepreneurial endeavors with the importation of favored Australian brands.  Naturally, what came next were vines in Napa Valley.  Now, this vibrant twosome have become two more humans, an odd-looking dog, bees and heritage breed chickens. 


  • (1 250ml Package - 2 Cans Each) St. Mayhem Ginger Loves Company
  • (1 250ml Package - 2 Cans Each) St. Mayhem Huckfest
  • (1 250ml Package - 2 Cans Each) St. Mayhem Sangria Chingon
  • (1 250ml Package - 2 Cans Each) St. Mayhem SPCY LIL F.K.R.
  • (1 250ml Package - 2 Cans Each) St. Mayhem Tao of Mint

What's outstanding about art+farm products in a can, besides the aesthetic designs are the ingredients, overall taste and the fact that two-two packs provide more than a single bottle of wine.

With some modicum of trepidation, we approached the SPCY from askance.  We read the ingredients, sipped slow.  Then, sucked it down with the fervor of a Viking.  We had the second one with Mexican food.  Normally, one  might wish to temper the subtle fire with something almost bland. 

Not us.

It's our favorite of all canned wines

2018Old Westminster Winery

Like many winery's and vineyards that we run across, Old Westminster is a family-owned and run business.  When Jay and Virginia Baker lost their three children to college, they looked around for a project and realized that the farm on which they were living was perfect for a winery.  It all started there. 

Old Westminster products are the result of complex varietals, artistry and a gentle love and appreciation of and for nature.  This is evident in the products that we tried. 

  • (1) 12 Oz Brusco
  • (1) 12 Oz Carbonic
  • (1) 12 Oz Farm Fizz
  • (1) 12 Oz Pip & Berry

All of these have a slight aftertaste which is really nice.  It really works well.  For us, if being wine in a can changes who you are in a really positive way...well, we are good with that!

What the Old Westminster Winery does is just genius!

You will find your can of Old Westminster from this link here.  The locator will be found towards the page bottom.  Seriously.

Stella Rosa Wines

Stella Rosa was born in 1917 when the Riboli's founded Los Angeles' historic San Antonio Winery.  A century later finds them still workin' it.  Customer's wanted something sweeter and lighter. 

Stella Rosa Wines was happy to deliver.


  • (1) 8.5 Fl Oz L'Originale Black
  • (1) 8.5 Fl Oz Platinum Moscato

Both of these had a vibrant, almost creamy taste to them.  The containers are akin to a can.  Perhaps, this has made a difference?  We do not know.  Nor do we care.  We've never tasted wine like this.  Ever.  And, we've had some incredible ones in the past.


Vital Links:

art + farm wine Old Westminster Winery Stella Rosa Wines

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