November 7, 2018: Recommendations for International Merlot Day

Happy International Merlot Day!  There is an article at the wine cellar which asks, "...what are you drinking to celebrate...?"  Henceforth, we recommend the following.


Hunt Cellars

2010 Merlot UnforgettableHunt Cellars is a passionate organization whose idea of family, love, passion and quality are sure to manifest in every endeavor.  They know that a wine shared with a special person will surely be remembered for a long time thereafter.  Viola - Unforgettable.


(1) 2010 Unforgettable Merlot 750ml SRP $45.00

Unforgettable is a limited edition and has a dark fruit, slightly cherry nose.  Dry.  Hunt Cellars loves merlot and it shows.  We did ourselves no favor by having it non-chilled.


PedroncelliWe've dealt with the Pedroncelli family in previous blogging endeavors.  We do so because we always like the product and the Pedroncelli representative with whom we mostly deal.  It's all a positive experience, start to finish.  They are a many-family generational business.


(2) 2016 Merlot Bench Vineyards 750ml SRP $18.00

The 2016 Merlot Bench Vineyards is a medium bodied, award-winning melody of strawberry, sage and spices which are normally used for baking.  The finish is warm and comforting.  Like wrapping up in a familiar blanket.

Sbragia Family Vineyards

The Sbragia family entrepreneurial history began in 1904 and continued until 1950 when Gino Sbragia replanted existing prune fields with grapes.  His concepts were simple.  Good grapes.  Good land.  Good techniques.


(1) 2015 Home Ranch Merlot 750ml SRP $32.00

The 2015 Home Ranch Merlot is 95% merlot and 5% sirah.  It is aged for 18-months in new and used French oak barrels.  It has 14.5% alcohol and

Stellar Organics

Stellar Organics is located at Kys Halte, just outside Vredendal, Western Cape.  This borders Namaqualand.  Well-known for the flowers which populate in the Spring and the only semi-dry biosphere hotspot on the entire globe.


(1) 2018 Stellar Organics Merlot 750ml SRP $9.99

This merlot is USDA organic, gluten free, vegan friendly, fair for life and has no added sulfites.  It comes from South Africa and has a fruit-dream nose.  Lovely and energetic.

Look here if you're wanting to try it.

Also, we suggest San Simeon's Merlot (2014).  We haven't tried it.  But, it comes highly recommended.


Hunt Cellars Merlot Day Pedroncelli Sbragia Family Vineyards Stellar Organics

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