Mathilde B.

Mrs. Corinne Leon is the founder and manager of Mathilde B.  An Oxford graduate, and an Egypt archaeology enthusiast, she began her business endeavors in the South-West of France.  Cleopatra was known for her donkey milk baths, to stave off anything that would erode her beauty.  Hence, donkey milk is an ingredient in many of the Mathilde B. products.

Mrs. Leon also includes Manuka Honey in many of the created and produced cosmetics.  This is enhanced with the use of 100% plant components.  Good for all skin types.

The name Mathilde comes from one of the natural beauties within the family tree.  B, is for beauty.  Naturally.
M. B.


  • (1) Aloe Vera Gel Corps 
  • (1) Moisturizing Body Lotion 8.45 Oz SRP $37.00 
  • (1) Shampoo 8.45 Oz SRP $27.00
  • (1) Shower Gel 8.45 Oz SRP $21.00 roz

Aloe Vera Gel Corps

This is sold for moisturizing.  However, Aloe Vera is just good for your skin period.  Burns?  Excellent for that.

The aroma of the gel is what differentiates it from other aloe vera products. Like the lotion, rub it in well.  The aroma becomes non-existent and your skin is moisturized.  Also, the color beads disappear.  Leaves a so-soft epidermis.

Moisturizing Body Lotion

The body lotion has a very ephemeral essence.  Once you apply it, the aroma completely
dissipates, your skin takes on a quick moisturizing and one cannot smell it at all.  This is
good with us, since we are already at our utmost of a lovely smell.

Shampoo (Lait D'Anesse)

The shampoo has a slightly medicinal smell, if you hover over the bottle for a bit.  However, once you dot your palm with it, it has a lovely essence and a luxurious feel to it.  We only use the more expensive shampoos so that our tresses remain soft.

And, they did.

Shower Gel (Gel Douche)

These products are so similar.  In excellence.  In other ways as well.  This aroma on the gel changes to something really nice when used.  It lasts as long as the other big name product bath gels which we use.

Should you wish to try these for yourself, Mathilde is graciously offering 15% of your purchases until December 15, 2018.  Simply use this code; GINAE15

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