Wraith, 2018

Wraith is so close to good, yet, so far, at the same time.  The plot is lost amidst a feculant ocean one-sentence dialogue exchanges between the family of three.  Ack!

Oh, and FYI, the plot is that our small family lives in a huge, old house.  The house suddenly becomes haunted, even though nothing seems to precede the haunting.  Nothing, not a strange item picked up at the local flea market, no renovating, no visiting voodoo practitioners.  Nothing.

Even more amazing than the lack of drama that this film exudes is the fact that it is social media heavy.  Normally, we have to work to secure good links to attach to a review and other information.  This stinker has its own Facebook page.  Really?


Too much music and too much silence.

There was almost a bit of drama when this old dude driving a car has what we are led to believe is a heart attack.  But, then again, the boat was missed.  It was pretty sedate.


Directed by: Michael O. Sajbel

Produced by: Brian Murray

Written by: Michael O. Sajbel

Starring: Lance Henricksen, Ali Hillis, Jackson Hurst

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Rated: PG-13

Release date: April 5, 2017 (US)

Tagline: There's something in my room

Time: 1 Hour, 39 Minutes

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