The Metal Pay App

Metal Pay is an app for ios.  Normally, I do not do app reviews.  If I did, I would be real busy, really waiting for apps to download and being frustrated a lot of the time.  I just don't.

However, I'm fascinated with the cryptocurrency business.  I don't think that the trend is going to stop.  I think that it's going to go and grow.  Really big.

On that note, Metal Pay allows one to pay another and collect cryptocurrency just for doing so.


Yeah.  Cool right?  Well, yeah.

I had no problems finding, downloading and installing the app.

Well, until I got to entering my information.  You need to have a state given ID present when you are in this stage.  Fortunately, I had mine.  No problem.

Then, I got to the verification point and we hit a dead end as my zip code in Fort Worth, Texas was not of service at this time.

But, it's a neat app.  It's worth messing worth.  It just isn't available to me at this point.

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