SGM Reusable Mesh Produce Bags: Pack of 12, Giveaway

The bags are perfectly manufactured.  There are no visible flaws of any kind.  Nothing.

The colored drawstrings indicate the size of the bag(s) and adds a nice visual touch.  The black pieces that chomp down on the drawstrings are perfect and all of them work as they should.

Pack of 12
Pack of 12 What's really wild to me is that none of the images that are attached to the sales page for this product indicate using these in a washer.  I love them for that!  Your underthings don't become permanently attached to your favorite velour shirt and you don't have to break your torso in half, trying to fish out the last pair of your draws that are hanging out down there.  Wet.  And hard to get to.

Pack of 12 Sometimes, the drawstrings can get tangled around something.  But, it won't happen every time and it won't wreck your life.  Even if laundry is your life.

You can use them to sort things and since they are comprised of mesh, you can see the items that have been sorted.

  • Sort things.
  • Carry things.
  • Wash things.
  • Share things.  You will receive 15 of them, after all.  Sweet, right?

Available on Amazon.

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