Reel Nightmare: Book of Witchcraft

The three Goodwin witches are summoned upon a student filming crew happen upon the Necronomicon.  This really jacks up their plans in a hateful way.  Seriously, the Necrinomicon and the Ouija board are not kids.  They are not.

However, this group of students spend entirely too much time playing.  We had plenty of time to fetch a cold beverage, visit the can and then pause, to scratch.  Plus, these people are slightly mispronouncing Necronomicon.
Reel Nightmare
Directed by: Armand Petri

Produced by: Art Arutyunyan

Written by: Armand Petri

Starring: Madeleine Heil, Garrett Morosky, Armand Petri

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Suspense

Release date: February 7, 2017 (US)

Tagline: Valentine's Day is going to be a Reel Nightmare

Time: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes

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