Mobile-Gym: Smart Fitness by Alpha Den

The Mobile-Gym: Smart Fitness item is an Alpha Den product and I was really happy to finally be able to try out one of these.

What I didn't know (because I didn't completely read everything involved) was that the product is also good for muscle spasms and difficulties.  It makes sense when you think about it.

The Mobile-Gym is really easy to operate;

  1. Gather up 6-AAA batteries
  2. Insert the batteries into the 3 controllers  
  3. Cleanse the areas which you intend to apply the pads
  4. Place the pads on that area of skin that you intend to stimulate
  5. Place each controller on each of the 3 pads
  6. Adjust your setting (I highly recommend starting at the lowest and working up to the highest)
  7. Relax (but do not sleep) for the next 12-minute session
  8. Repeat above 2-3X daily

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