A Quiet Place (2018)


We should have figured that we would spend a real long time, hearing nothing.  We should have.  But, we did not.

When we first went to see what others thought of this film, we read something to the effect of, "This is a must see!"  What?

Then, once we began watching it, we realized its importance.  How would the world be if we could not speak?  And, we learned.

We would make up a sign language.  This for whom we loved the most would learn it.  And, we would use it.  Or, we would perish.

We will not spoil the ending.

What we will state is that all of this was a severe learning experience.  We learned a lot.  We are grateful for it.

A Quiet Place (2018)The entire acting staff kicked it.  It was rich to see Krasinski as Lee Abbott, in a movie like this.  It seems a good stretch of his chops.

Directed by: John Krasinski

Produced by: Platinum Dunes

Written by: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Rated: PG-13

Release date: April 6, 2018 (US)

Taglines: If they hear you, they hunt you.
Rule #1: Don't make a sound. Rule #2: Never leave the path. Rule #3: Red means run.

Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

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