National Coffee Day, September 29, 2018

The first thing that Ginae Reviews wants you to know is that there are many companies offering a free cup of coffee today.  Feel uninhibited to Google your area for those companies.  Go ahead.  We'll be right here when you are done.

The next thing that we want you to know is that it is because of the Boston Tea Party that American began our love affair with coffee.  When King George III got all unnecessary acting about the tea tax, we began drinking coffee. So, there!

We've been drinking it ever since.

The Colombian Coffee Club
The Colombian Coffee Club

Everything about The Colombian Coffee Club exudes the ideals of simplicity, excepting the incredible taste.  The web site, its layout, package design are all simple.

However, do not be deceived.  The coffees are fair trade, over 500 varieties are created and the geography involved is quite vast.  Perfect.

"...the good and simple things in life..."
The Colombian Coffee Club2

(1) Black and White Tote Bag
(1) 12 Oz Bag of Don Ruben SRP $15.00
(1) 12 Oz Bag of Villa Johanna
(1) Sticker
(2) Postcards

Don Ruben

This has a very light scent.  Light, but, very pleasant.  It is of medium acidity and has hints of flowers and caramel.

Villa Johanna

The aroma is unlike anything we have ever encountered.  It literally takes you away from the right-now.  It's a rich chocolate and cream aroma.  It's also 100% Organic (Certified) and best for a darker roast.  It comes from El Vergel.

Try your Villa Johanna Sample from this link here.

The Exotic Bean

TEBThe Exotic Bean is another coffee company that is steeped in simplicity, along with a rich cultural history.  Their primary agenda is to make coffee's from Thailand available to the buying public.  The beans are roasted at a high altitude and are "USDA Certified Organic," and finally, product is sent from the seed to your cup.

Thailand coffee's are some of the best that are available to a consuming public.


(1) 1-Lb Bag of Thailand Peaberry SRP $19.00

Thailand Peaberry

This full-bodied item arrives with a small, golden clip at the top of the bag.  It nicely accents package design.  The essence is rich and deep.  a recent coffee review once called it the, "Best new coffee of the year 2016."  Easily believed.

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