GoBe2 by Healbe

Healbe's GoBe2 is the only product of its kind to be the, "complete smart-life band."  What does it do?  A whole lot.


  • (1) Healbe GoBe2
  • (1) Charging Dock and Cable
  • (1) Quick Start Guide 


  1. Waterproof
  2. Automatic Calorie Intake Tracking
  3. Monitors Emotional State in Real Time
  4. Automatic Water Balance, 
  5. Measures Stress Levels, Heart Rate, Sleep, Steps and Energy Balance

The GoBe2 is easy to set up and easy to charge.  It took an hour.  But, this was due to updates and charging it up.  There is no need for instructions if you are accustomed to setting up smart devices.

You need the GoBe (Healbe) app for maximum utilization benefits.  This is available at the Apple store or Google Play.  Also, it is best to keep your telephone as physically close to the item as possible.  Otherwise, the updates will not take and starting over is necessary.

You are also able to set up a profile and enter measurements accordingly.  Then, make necessary adjustments as needed.

The device is a little bulky.  However, sometimes one needs to measure import and substance as being more important.  It is not comparable to what is offered by Apple or Gear, as the focus is fitness.

The GoBe2 fits our larger wrist.  Amazing.  No watch has ever done that!

Retail price is a hair under $200.00 and is available from the Amazon link below.  In fact, if you do wish to order the GoBe2, feel uninhibited to purchase from the Healbe site, using code word ginaereviews for a ten% discount.  Sweet!

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