Corded Car Vacuum by MATCC

Initial inspection displays a bunch of attachments.  More than I have for my at-home vacuum!  This is good.

Corded Car VacuumThe item is cool looking too.  Weird.  But, I like that.

Corded Car VacuumWow.  What a difference!  At first, I tried using the vacuum without any attachments and it did okay.  However, the hair from my two cats and some longer pieces of dead grass were somewhat-to-very ingrained within the carpet fibers and I had to use the different pieces to really give it a go.

I'm not complaining.  I'm just stating that you have to consider this when/while using.  I couldn't get a good image after the work was done.  They simply didn't do the product justice.  It does really well though.

Corded Car VacuumI was also impressed with the simplicity of use.  I didn't have to read the instructions.  I kind-of hate that I have to do that with most new items.  No.

I just plugged the cord into my cigarette plug.  Then, I pushed the power button. ON.  Easy!

The motor is strong.  I placed the plastic liners back on top of the carpet to keep my work intact.  I've never used a car vacuum that was this good.

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