Beasy Transfer Board

Beasy is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company residing in North Branch, Minnesota.  They adhere by a list of core values and ethics, as stated on the website.  They have also listed the insurance companies for which they cannot accept claims for.


(1) Glyder model #1300

Length: 32"
Width: 10"
Thickness: (Base 5/8") (Seat 3/8")
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Transfer Weight: Up to 400 lbs.

Having sold DME's before retiring, we knew that we wanted to review this item.  We've never seen one before.  After having seen it, it all made sense.

We were also surprised how much weight this thing holds.  This was good, as we were worried about having someone to test it.  At this age, it's hard not to know someone who just recently underwent surgery.

Hence, we now have one of these.

What really stuck out about receiving the board was how much literature was included.  A lot.  It matches all of the information that has been uploaded to the Beasy company website.  Again.

A lot.



Because over half of the importance of using a transfer board is using it safely.  Duh.  We know.  But, really.

When we tested it, we used a spotter in the event that something went terribly awry.  Nothing did.  You have to become comfortable with it by using it.  You also have to find your own way around it, as we all have our own time and manner.  This is recommended anyway.

Be with someone the first time that you use it.  For real.  Don't think that the cat is going to save you should you try to ascend to another seated position with more than 6" above you.  Temper the lower end with something heavy and tall (5" or a little less).

If your movee has a gait belt, it might be wise to have it on before using the transfer board.

It's also wise to employ the appropriate oil, as Beasy suggests.

If you look at the other items for which Beasy has for sale, they were/are all carefully thought out.  Safe!  Easy to use.

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