Audew Multi-function Flashlight

Audew is a company which is devoted to providing quality merchandise for your automobile at reasonable prices.  They also carry other products.  Customer service is excellent too.  Your responses are answered within a 24-hour window.


    Audew Multi-function Flashlight
  • (1)  Audew Multi-function Flashlight   SRP $22.99
  • (1)  USB Cable
  • (1)  Wrist Lanyard
  • (1)  User Guide

This is a really neat, little outfit.  It hangs.  It's magnetic and waterproof. It comes with a one-year warranty.

It has many functions;

Mobile Phone Charger,
Mosquito Repeller,
Warning Light (SOS)

The light is solid.  It's not a hunk of plastic junk.  The super girl/boy scouts will love it, just like I do.  Great for travelers, campers, those who sometimes lose electricity and auto mechanics who are burning the midnight oil.

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