100 Pack Disposable Shoe Covers

Dumalex has been in business since 2011 and began doing that electronically when they created an Internet presence in 2017.  Their daily agenda is still all-business.  Today, we submit for your perusal 50-pairs of protective and durable shoe and boot covers for those employed in an area for which dragging post-working feet across the carpets of home or office could be problematic and ugly.

100 Pack Disposable Shoe Covers
The product arrives well-wrapped and well-contained.  There are 10-rolls, each containing 5-pair per pack.  Each pair is 2-ply.  Tough for this papyrus material.

This is an excellent solution for muddy, oily, greasy or human-product filth.  Slip these on.  Go where you need to go.

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