Wind Passion

The basic concepts behind the business of Wind Passion are concepts which resonate for us, here at Ginae Reviews.  We believe in simplicity.  We love the idea that there are those amongst us who can make money with their bare hands.  We resonate with passion and we get all of this from Wind Passion.

Wind Passion

(1) Black Pearl Braided Rope Bracelet for Men - Black SRP $11.99

(1) Yellow Shore Braided Rope Bracelet for Men - Yellow SRP $11.99

(1) Victory Cord Nautical Bracelet for Women SRP $24.99

These are beautifully designed of European origin and of a nautical theme.  They really are.  The yellow is both vibrant and brilliant. They easily adjust.  The hardware is solid.

We are going to be wearing these now.  Before, we had some simple, black leather strappy bracelets.  But, we like what these have to offer.

The company website is easy to traverse and is of quiet simplicity.

FYI, receive a 25% discount on your purchases using the website link for Wind Passion.  It's below.  Under, "Vital Links." 

Vital Links:

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