The Raven (2012): Synopsis and Quotes

The city is Baltimore and the time setting is the mid 1800's and someone is out there.  They are murdering others, per the writings of Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack).  Poe assists Detective Fields (Luke Evans) in an attempt to stop the insanity.


There is a lot of conversation in this movie.  There is a lot of talk and a dash of gore sprinkled in just to ensure that the audience stays awake.

That's pretty much it.

The Raven

Captain Hamilton: I'm sorry Poe.  This is my fault.  I should never have gone ahead with the ball.

Captain Hamilton: There's an empty grave.  Had Emily's name on it.

Detective Fields: What cannot be disputed, is that your imagination is the inspiration of horrendous crime.

Poe: I have one more story to write.

Poe: I'm broke.

Poe: I've got nothing left.

Poe: Show some respect, or I'll give you a personal tour.

Poe: Somebody better call his Momma!

Poe: The only thing he's ever killed is a bottle of brandy.

Poe: Why am I to blame?  Where were all these officers last night?  Where were you?

He told you he was coming!


Directed by: James McTeigue

Produced by: Marc D Evans

Written by: Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Starring: John Cusack, Alice Eve and Luke Evans

Rated: R

Tagline: The only one who can stop a serial killer is the man who inspired him.

Time: 110 minutes

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