The Perfect Selfie Smile Can Be Yours

Selfies have become a very popular trend, but how often do you take a few before you find one you are happy with? Either, you are too far away, you look a bit grim or your smile looks forced. There are things you can do to make sure you have the perfect smile for your selfie, and then the rest is up to you.

Image via bruce mars
Image via bruce mars
Forget The Big Grins

You face will look more relaxed and natural if you smile gently rather than try to force a big grin. A gentle smile will mean that you are not stretching your face muscles, which makes you look tense and agitated. A big grin is great in the correct circumstances, but if you want to look good on your selfie, forget it.

Watch Your Posture

Stand up straight when taking a selfie. If you slouch your head will be bent forwards too far and it will look like you have a double chin. If you are sitting down, the same thing applies, keep your back straight and your head held high. Turn just head very slightly so that your face is not square to the camera and you will be much happier with your smile.

Teeth And Gums In Good Order?

Take good care of your teeth and gums as they can have a large effect on your smile.  If any teeth are cracked or broken pay a visit to your dentist and get them put right. If they have yellowed then talk to the dentist about having them whitened, or try one of the DIY teeth whitening products.

For a cost effective way of achieving a brighter smile in just a few days, DIY teeth whitening kits are a great way to get your teeth back to their original color.  Some peoples teeth are naturally a pale ivory color rather than a bright white, but that does not mean they will not look just as good if they and your gums have been looked after.

The Right Lipstick Can Help

The right shade of lipstick can make your teeth and your smile look brighter and far more beautiful. Cheery red, wine tones, berry, plum and rosy pinks will all make your smile more attractive. Lipsticks that are too dark or too red will make your smile less appealing.

Make sure the lipstick is just on your lips as well. If it strays of them it will may your lips look too large and the focus of the selfie will be in the wrong place.

Use A Mirror

Don’t wait till you have had to take loads of selfies to see if you have got your smile how you want it to be. That can take time, so practice in front of a mirror. Try the tips given above and you will see what a difference they can make. Keep trying until after a few days you find that your perfect smile happens naturally, and then you are ready to return top your selfies.

Here’s to the best selfies yet!


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