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Pretty Litter is a company which has been previously mentioned by ABC Family, BRIT+CO, Consumers Digest, Entrepreneur, Moderncat, Nat Geo WILD, Popsugar and Variety.  If one were to take a peak behind the scenes one would see that the Veterinarian in Chief is Dr. Geoff DeWire, a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine graduate, who is a recipient of the Pfizer Clinical Achievement Award for Excellence.

Pretty Litter
The concept behind Pretty Litter is very simple. If you have enough kitty litter depth to your cat box, there will be no odor.  We measured and have a little less than the suggested two inches.  However, the odor control is still the best we've ever experienced and we've had cats for four years now.  Love those cats!

But, we digress.

The other basic concept and it's an excellent one, is that the color of Pretty Litter is white with small, yellow specks.  The purpose of this is to be able to see if there are any discolorations which are being produced by your cat.  Granted, a cat who has stopped using a cat box is generally crippled by a urinary tract infection.
Pretty Litter
But, there are signs that you can be privy to, if you are watching.  One of the top four, as listed with Hills Science Diet a red or brownish discharge.  This would be very difficult, if not impossible to spot in a tray of gray pebbles.

Overall, we are really pleased with our Pretty Litter. We especially like the fact that it can assist one to take care of one's cats. Feel uninhibited to head over to and use GINAE1 to receive 20% off your first order.

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