National Pinot Noir Day

National Pinot Noir Day gentle readers!

One of the greatest Pinot Noir day aficionados of our time is a pillar in the Enriquez Wines family and enterprise.  What began as a part of a family vacation, led Dr. Eduardo to begin making his own via the Enrique Wines micro-winery. Located at the Russian Rivery Valley.  Previously, the family had been consuming Pinot Noir from a box and not loving it.
National Pinot Noir Day2010
Beautiful, isn't it?  A story of family.  Of love.  Of passion.

One is free to also book a stay at the winery.  One would enjoy spacious offerings, the best chefs, masseuses and much more.  We dealt primarily with daughter Cecilia.  Then, we found out that she owns two rescue dogs.  Seriously, what is not to love!


  • (1) 2010 Enriquez Pinot Noir SRP $48.00
  • (1) 2011 Enriquez Pinot Noir SRP $48.00
  • (1) 2012 Enriquez Pinot Noir SRP $64.00
  • (1) 2013 Enriquez Pinot Noir SRP $52.00

2010 - 2013 Enriquez Pinot Noir - 100% Pinot Noir
These are all delightfully dry, light-bodied and of a beautiful hue.  They are packaged with a simple label.  They taste sooo much better than those boxes do.

Enriquez Wines are only available online and at certain restaurants.  These sites are located throughout California and Florida.

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