Thinking of Getting an Emotional Support Dog?

You may have heard about the growing trend, particularly in America, of emotional support pets.  Now, anybody with a dog or that had a dog as a child can relate to the emotional warmth and support that radiates from a dog - indeed, a dog’s love is on the most consistent and reliable sources of love there are.

This is particularly true with children, as often you’ll find dogs protecting babies, as they sleep or children curled up in the dog bed; they just seem to be able to relate on an emotional level of pure love.  If you’ve ever seen a child and dog interact, you can see the level of trust and connection between them - indeed, many dogs take on the role of emotional babysitter as the child grows up… always being there for them, no matter what happens in life.

Emotional Support Dog
Image via Schnuppimo
Some people rely on a dog for emotional support, and whilst this may seem peculiar at first glance, to those without a dog - we all know how comforting and unconditional a dog’s love can be.  If you are interested in having an emotional support dog then you might want to check out certapet as they are able to provide an official letter that will allow you to take your dog places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, such as a hotel room, on the basis your dog can be classed as a support dog akin to that of a blind dog.

The pessimist, of course, might consider the notion of emotional support pets to be an inventive way to sneak your beloved pet into your favorite bar, hotel, or restaurant... but for many people that suffer with anxiety problems or similar mental health challenges the idea of receiving the unconditional love and support of their dog in emotionally challenging situations is of great comfort.

The fact dogs can be so sensitive and connected to our emotions does make sense in terms of their ability to provide emotional support, but surely, when it comes to nervous flyers taking their emotional support hedgehogs onboard there is a tendency to feel the world might have perhaps, just gone a little mad.

That said, it’s important to recognize the healing power of pets, irrespective of their genre, as pets do have a positive impact on our emotional and physical health

The benefits of petting a dog can lead to huge improvements in your well-being; as engaging in the tactile interaction of stroking and cuddling up with your pet has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower stress, improve depression and elevate mood in both pet and owner.  Furthermore, dogs are a great way to ensure you get outside this summer, and maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year.

In summary, pets do have tremendous healing powers when it comes to our mental and emotional health; they are there for us in a way that humans rarely are as their love is unconditional.  Dogs in particular make great emotional support animals and breed such as Labradors, spaniels and golden retrievers are particularly well placed for the role as their gentle nature is perfect with children.


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