The Master Communicator's Handbook. Teresa Erickson. Tim Ward

The Master... is a good book. However, we got caught up on some of the intricacies that we have learned are important to a speaker. For instance, the author's speak of standing behind a podium. But, unless it's a special build, this is not normal. A podium is meant to stand on. Hence the prefix, pod.

The second item of notice was that the book speaks of the importance getting and keeping the attention of a listener. However, excepting the importance of other matters of focus, we are not given specifics on how this is done. Many a new listener have wanted this specific information.

TMCWe have also learned that it is important to listen to a speaker, really listen. Even if we think that we cannot benefit from the information given and even if we consider the speaker no more than a Styrofoam pellets filled being. Please, do not misunderstand.

We are not dissing the author's. Not in any manner.

In fact, we laud them for the information given. It's really good. It also brought up issues for which we had a limited amount of knowledge for.

Whether you are a Toastmaster, plugging upwards to achieve goals, a student, just wanting a better grade or one who wishes to change the world, you need good feedback, germane insight and important literature. The Master... can help here.

Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Changemakers Books (November 27, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1785351532
ISBN-13: 978-1785351532
Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 0.5 x 8.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

About Tim Ward:

Tim Ward is an author, publisher and teacher.

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