The Importance Of Body Confidence

With the emergence of social media in the twenty first century, the pressure for young girls and women to look good is immense. With the seemingly perfect Amaro filtered selfies peppered with idyllic backgrounds filling up impressionable girls’ Instagram feeds, it can be difficult not to feel just a little bit self-conscious. These are images that have been altered, edited and glossed over to create the most false images. However, they are on the Internet, they are powerful, and they affect the way women view themselves in the mirror. Size zeros are now being hero-worshiped, eating disorders are on the rise and mental health is becoming the most talked about health epidemic of the century.

Body confidence is vital to ensure girls (and boys) feel good about themselves no matter what Holga-filtered sculpted Adonis they see online. To achieve it is difficult, but it is a necessity.

The Importance Of Body Confidence
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Learn To Love Yourself

While this sounds ridiculously hippified, it’s fundamental that you love yourself and the body that you have. Everyone has parts of their physique that they might wish to change. It might be your ears, your tummy or the freckles on your face.  Even those people showing off their seemingly perfect skin on Instagram detest something about their body - they simply cover it up or edit it out of their photos when uploading their pictures. As we grow older, we do become more accepting of what we were born with. However, for girls growing up in a peer pressure environment, images within the media and online are not aspirational, they are unachievable. It’s important that we are kind to one another and ourselves.

Be Proactive

If there is something about your body that you want to change, then take the steps needed to tone up your tummy, say goodbye to the bingo wings or get rid of that double chin. Healthy eating and exercise not only helps us shift those stubborn few pounds, but it can also boost our self-esteem by changing the way we look. The endorphins released during a workout at the gym or a jog around the park can help us feel more confident about our bodies. Seeing the weight drop off, your muscle tone return and your clothes fitting a little easier can be all you need to see your self-esteem hit new heights.

For those of us that need a little artificial intervention, why not explore your options. If you have varicose veins on your legs preventing you from wearing your favorite summer dress, go and see a vein specialist for an assessment and treatment. If you are enduring excess skin because you have lost so much weight, see if a surgeon can help. There are always ways to help us feel better about our

The Importance Of Body Confidence

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Having body confidence can improve every aspect of our lives. We might be more confident in formal attire when heading for that job interview, you might walk taller, people may interact with you differently, and you will find yourself enjoying life more. Maybe it’s time to shun the Instagram and selfie revolution and focus on your own body confidence.


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