Portable Noise Machine, AuCuTee Sleep Therapy Sounds Machine

This item arrives well-packaged (well-wrapped) in a small box. 

  • (1) Sleep Unit
  • (1) USB 5V 1Amp Power Cord
  • (1) Wall Plug-in Unit

This unit has seven pleasing audio modes.  The first of these is White Noise.  Pretty basic. 

Next is a fierce and Howling Wind which is just fabulous for wind lovers.  We once spoke to a friendly acquaintance who stated that she would sleep in a wind tunnel if she could.  We agreed with her.

Thunderstorm mode sounds very natural.  The water drips at uncertain spots and the thunder seems very natural as well.  Quite peaceful.

Ocean Wave will make you think that you are lying on an uncrowded beach, just inches away from the water line.

Rainforest is another peaceful mode.  We've never heard actual rain forest noises.  But, if we had, we would expect something like this.

Summer Night is rife and constant with crickets and katydids.  No need to swat at the mosquitoes as they do not come with the purchase of this product.

Lullaby is for the babies, obviously.  Well, unless you find that soothing too.

AuCuTee Sleep Therapy

Sound modes, power and volume are located on the bottom of the unit.  Plug-ins are on top.  This is where you would insert earbuds, if you had them.

This is the best priced at of its kind.  At least, that we have seen and

experienced.  Well worth the buck.

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