Discreetly Dealing With Losing Your Senses

It happens. As you age, the things which you relied on in the past aren’t as sharp. First, the memory is a little wobbly and then the eyesight starts to fade. Before you know it, your hearing is a bit on the weak side too. Normally, people accept the decline gracefully and limit the damage. Only kidding. Almost everyone starts off in denial until they realize there is only one option left – being mature.

Still, no one wants to walk around with huge, half-moon glasses or a clunky hearing aid. Regardless of age, we would all prefer to be discrete. Below are four options which are usually on the table.

Discreetly Dealing With Losing Your Senses

Scale It Down

It’s as if the hearing aid people work for NASA but back in the 1950s. They all seem to be big and bulky and very conspicuous. The behind-the-ear types are pretty easy to spot from space, never mind walking down the street or in conversation. Thankfully, advancements in technology have improved helped to scale down the sizes to the point where they are less noticeable. A hearing aid guide will go through it in more detail, but an ITE is perfect because it goes in the ear and not outside of it. Unless someone looks directly in your ear, they will struggle to spot the device.

Go Invisible

Technology has come a long way since chunky bifocals. Nowadays, you can scale glasses down to a sleek and subtle piece of plastic on the end of your nose. Some people pull it off and look cool and distinguished, in a sexy-geek kind of way. Others hate the idea of wearing glasses, which is why they turn to contact lenses. Once inside the eye, there is no way to tell a person has poor eyesight. All the cleaning and maintenance goes on in private so everyone else will assume you’ve got 20/20 vision.

Get It Corrected

High-powered lasers used to appear in apocalypse movies where the evil maniac held the planet to hostage. Today, they are concentrated to the point where they can correct a person’s vision. A surgeon uses the laser to reshape the cornea which is inserted to replace the old one, thus improving your sight. Unlike using contacts, there is no need to bother with a daily routine. Once the problem is fixed, it’s permanent. Of course, there are risks involved with the procedure so be sure before going under the knife.

Accept It

There is nothing less graceful than someone who can’t see or hear pretending they can. These men and women bump into things or constantly ask for people to repeat themselves. Plus, their tone is off and they end up shouting. Everyone can tell they need help and it’s obvious they’re losing their senses. However, denial means they don’t want to accept the fact. As a rule, it’s best to understand your flaws and find the solutions. Otherwise, people will laugh and make jokes at your expense.

Do you want to be that person who is a laughing stock?


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