Rocking Your Style as an Unconventional Beauty

There’s so much pressure on us as women to look a certain way, and if you don’t look like you’ve come straight off the catwalk or from a fashion magazine then it’s easy to question your beauty. However it’s important to remember that true beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes, instead of aiming for perfection and holding yourself up to unrealistic beauty standards, to make the most of what you have instead. Make the most of the features you love about yourself, disguise the ones that you don’t and just be you. Here are some of the ways you can work with things that you’d never see in a beauty magazine, but are real life to many of us.

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Unfortunately we’re not all lucky enough to have perfect eyesight- in fact, according to statistics around seventy five percent of us need some kind of vision correction. Of course you do have the option of wearing contacts, but if you’re more comfortable in glasses then rock them- you will still look awesome! There are a couple of things worth bearing in mind that will make beauty with glasses easier. The first is if you have a fringe, it’s best cut to a length where it’s not falling behind or in front of your glasses. So a long sweeping side fringe would work, or a shorter style that grazes your eyebrows. The second thing is to bear your eye makeup in mind. A good tip by Cosmopolitan is that if your frames are thicker, go heavier with the liner. Also, curl your lashes which will make them look long but prevent them from hitting your lenses. Spend some time choosing glasses that suit your face, if you’ve lost or gained any significant weight over the years your face shape might have changed, and new glasses might be a good option.


Acne is common in your teenage year, changing hormones can mean regular breakouts. However for many adults, acne is still a way of life and this can be a result of anything from hormones to diet to using the wrong skincare. Of course, you don’t have to cover your acne if you don’t want to, but if it makes you feel insecure then there are lots of options. Use a green based concealer over red pimples as this will neutralize the color and will make your foundation look much more even. You could use a high coverage foundation if your skin doesn’t react to it, otherwise stick with mineral makeup. This is made of natural ingredients and will provide coverage without clogging pores and causing more
breakouts. If you haven’t already, it’s always worth speaking to your doctor for ongoing acne issues. They could prescribe topical washes and creams, hormonal birth control, antibiotics or recommend lifestyle changes. There are even some great CBD products available for the skin today. You can read this guide,, for more details. It can be a tricky one to put right and take some time, but you can still look stunning and feel great about yourself while you find what works for you.

Hearing Aids

It’s estimated that a whopping one in twenty Americans are deaf or hard of hearing- so if you are too, you’re in good company. It’s something that’s associated with old age but lots of young people have hearing conditions too. Thankfully, these days there are very slim and almost invisible hearing aids
on the market which is useful if you’re self conscious. You could also style your hair in a way that disguises your ears if it’s something you don’t want others to know about you.

Shape and Size

One of the biggest pressures we have put on us as women is to be a certain shape and size. Not only does the media pressure us to be thin, but often to reach unrealistic proportions. Regardless of your shape or size, enjoy your body and wear what you feel good in. If you feel you need to lose or gain weight for health reasons then that’s always worthwhile, but you truly can look and feel fantastic whatever shape and size you are. Forget following trends, choose pieces that reflect your style and that fit you well. There’s lots of advice online about how to flatter different body shapes, and make the most of or disguise the bits you do and don’t like. Clothes should be fun and an expression of you, have fun with them!

Each and every one of us are so different, instead of comparing and feeling bad we should celebrate our differences and appreciate what makes us unique.


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